More about My Bleeding Ink

Thanks for finding this blog. 🙂

Before I say anything else, you should probably know something. I know it’s good to -you’re “supposed to”- blog every few days if you want your readership to grow. But I’m not into writing tiny little blurbs every 3-4 days. But I promise you this when you subscribe: When I do blog, it’ll be worth your while! Sure it might be a long read, but it will also be heartfelt. Real. Probably informative, well-balanced, an interesting topic. Hopefully funny 🙂 So please subscribe to my blog and I promise you the entries you’ll get will be worth it! And hey, it might be so long between entries that you will be pleasantly surprised when something from me suddenly shows up in your inbox 🙂

So….why Bleeding Ink?? Well, because I’m heavily tattooed.  I guess, not “heavily”, but enough.  8 in total, three of which take up most of my back.  That’s one of my tattoos in the header.  The one is all about getting through a rough time in my life.  I was in this pit of, well, really bad stuff, but I came out of the fire, albeit singed and burned, but came out anyway.

But also I used this particular title for my blog because as Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”  And that’s what I do, metaphorically speaking.  I’m honest and real and raw.  In my original writings you will get to see my soul, my heart, my mind…..blood and guts and all.

Also….you 🙂 will see 🙂 emoticons 🙂 everywhere. 🙂 I use them a lot. Love my blog, love my emoticons. 🙂

Comments welcome, respectful disagreements welcome, well thought out arguments welcome. I might touch on some controversial stuff from time to time….mostly I imagine using this as a cathartic way to deal with some stuff and get some thoughts out….but from time to time I may talk about politics or religion or stuff like that.  And if you completely disagree, please do so respectfully.

I read everything in the comments section but if you’d rather write me privately, you can e mail me at:

Happy reading everyone, enjoy the Ink….

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