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Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had trouble falling asleep. Sometimes stress, sometimes I’m too hot, sometimes I’m too cold. But mostly? Mostly I can’t turn off my brain. I think too much. “The introspection never ends,” someone once said about me. Going through the days events, being anxious about how I handled things. Winning fake arguments, going over what I should’ve done in real life situations, and pondering “la inmortalidad del cangrejo” in general. In fact, most of these blogs were written at 2am. But those were long and lengthy. This topic is more about the short blurbs I think about at 2am. The stuff I ponder for a minute then fall asleep. So. Enjoy.

And the Beat Goes On…

“Man up!” “Men don’t cry!” “Therapy is for pansies!” “Nobody wants to hear a dude whine.” But also: “I don’t want to bother anyone with my stuff.” “It’s not that bad.” “Could be worse.” “Other people have bigger problems.” It … Continue reading

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Spina Bifida Awareness Month Continues. And So Do I…..

When I was growing up, I would receive our local SBA newsletter and I would read about how this 12 year old or that 9 year old with SB died suddenly. That sticks with you. I never thought I’d live … Continue reading

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