Crystal and my amazing friends….(originally posted March 4, 2009)

I have some really kind and wonderful friends.

Crystal had hundreds of friends who cared so much about her and loved her and wanted to always know what was going on with her. Hundreds! 600+ people came to a benefit that was held for her in November and I’ve just learned that they are guessing that her funeral could have as many as 800 people show up. And that doesn’t surprise me in the least. She had hundreds of people who cared about her. And she had dozens and dozens of friends who were there for her literally day and night, never leaving the hospital, always relieving Mom so she could go get some rest at home or do whatever she needed to do. Dozens of people always there, doing anything and everything Crystal needed. Dozens and dozens of us! And that’s not a credit to us, it was all her! She was so amazing and so wonderful and kind, that she made you want to be there! As soon as you knew her, you wanted to do anything you could to be there in any possible way for her. Dozens and dozens of people made that daily commitment to her.

I said earlier that I could count on one hand the number of people who would do that for me, who would be there in such a way. And some of those people have posted on my wall today. Thank you to all of you. Mercedes, thank you so much for making that “executive decision” and coming over. The ice cream was yummy 🙂 It was a small gesture but so kind and caring. I mean, to drive all the way out here and bring me Ben & Jerry’s (“Yum!” as Crystal would always say! :^) just because you felt like you wanted to do something for me, wow…who does that?! You’re a rockstar! I love you, my wife loves you, thank you for being amazing to us.

And to everyone else that’s been so concerned and so caring, please continue to pray first and foremost for her family. Mom, Donnie, Ricky, Aunt Mary, Uncle Sam, and her entire family that I know feels so lost and sad right now. And then for her friends and all of us who have our own pain and sadness to deal with. Pray that we can find strength to go on without our hero, our Crystal. :’^(
As for me, writing helps. It’s about the only thing I know how to do well in Life. Or atleast it’s all I can do right now anyway. Just keep writing. Thoughts, feelings, memories of her, insane ramblings…. it’s therapeutic. 🙂
Thank you again to everyone….

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